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Recruitment FAQs

When is recruitment?

Recruitment is held during the first or second

week of Fall and Spring quarters.


What is the first step in becoming a sister?

Fill out the Recruitment Interest Form (link:

or get in touch with our recruitment chair! You can

e-mail her at

If the week of recruitment is closed, we will contact

you with the upcoming events. 

Do I have to be Jewish to join SAEPi?

​Nope! Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi does not discriminate

against any race or religion. No one in Sigma will

every try to convert you to Judaism. We hold our Jewish values close to our hearts, and our non-Jewish sisters even closer. We have never denied anyone a bid based on their religion. We pride ourselves on being a non-exclusive sorority.

How does recruitment work? Is there a dress code?

Recruitment consists of five events at the beginning of the quarter. If you are interested in joining Sigma, you should attend as many events as possible so the sisterhood can get to know you.

There is typically no dress code for the first three nights of recruitment. So come in what you feel most comfortable in! The fourth night of recruitment is Shabbat, so a skirt, dress, or even nice pants would be more appropriate. The final recruitment event is Dressy Deserts; many girls like to wear sundresses.

Will I be hazed?

Absolutely not. Everyone in Sigma, regardless if they are a new member, sister, or alumna has the choice to decide in which events she wishes to participate or not.

I heard that sororities are expensive. What if I don't have the money?

​Sigma dues are considerably lower than other campus sororities, partly because every officer, even the National Board, volunteers their time. We also offer scholarships to sisters on a quarterly basis, and work with girls to create delayed payment plans if necessary. No one will be rejected from Sigma due to financial reasons.


​What do I need to do to become a sister?

You will need to go through our new member education program, where you will learn about yourself, the sisters, and the sorority. During the process, you will bond with the sisters and your pledge class by participating in a number of different events together.

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